Homeworld Duel

The game we created in a small team of three people in a Global Game Jam 2019. My role was a game artist and a designer. I also took the responsibility of crystallizing the idea, setting realistic goals and making sure we deliver on time.



Choosing My Religion

My husband and I created this game in a Global Game Jam 2018. My role was a game artist and a designer. I was also responsible for the idea, music and sounds.


You can try it out here.

Book Smuggler

We started this game at Hacker Games Klaipėda 2017 as a team of four people: three programmers and me as an artist, later we were joined by music designer and historian. The idea was to create a patriotic game based on the historic facts about imperial Russian oppression and the efforts to russify Lithuanian which were opposed by brave men and women called book smugglers.

Although we spend many hours and days after Hacker Games event on this game, it was never finished as it was too complex.

Social Justice Vigilante

This game was a product of one day VU MIF Game Jam 2017. The given topic was domestic violence. Our team consisted of two programmers and me as an artist. We were quite proud by the proof of concept we managed to make in the given time.

Little Microwave

This game was created in Global Game Jam 2017We were a team of six members - five programmers and me as an artist. For most of us it was the first time in Game Jam session and it was hard to keep up with the deadlines but it was an amazing experience.We even won the nomination for the best screenshot.


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